The Gaff #000: The Birth of The Gaff

It all started here! You get to eavesdrop on the conversation we had that led to us starting this podcast. You can be a fly on the wall, complete with food and train noise. Sound quality varies but gets better as it goes on. We talk about a number of things that would become topics for early episodes of The Gaff.

The Gaff #017: Blair Witch & Girl Asleep

Girl Asleep, a little Australian film that’s getting awards and acclaim all around. We muse on the state of Australian cinema. Also on the table this episode is the new Blair Witch film and whether it was worth the wait.

Short Round: Kyle Greenberg & Brian Lonano

DIY Film School presents our first Short Round episode!

Luke chats to filmmakers Kyle Greenberg about Mute, and Brian Lonano about Crow Hand!!! and Gwilliam.

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The Gaff #015: Suicide Squad & Midnight Special

The Gaff Podcast | 3000px LQ10 Artwork

Laughing stock or #squadgoals? Suicide Squad is here, and we’re here to discuss it. Beyond that, we catch up on the latest trailers as well as the quality of Michael Shannon and lo-fi sci-fi in Midnight Special.

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The Gaff #014 Stranger Things

The Gaff Podcast | 3000px LQ10 Artwork

Homages, influences and atmosphere abound in STRANGER THINGS, the 8-episode Netflix original series from the Duffer Brothers. We jump around the 1980s as we discuss all aspects of this brilliant show.


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